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Record Sealing

Seal Records of Your Domestic Violence Arrest

Your criminal record is an open book for anyone to see. Thanks to computer technology, it is easier than ever for people to access your criminal record. Landlords, potential employers, even people you may ask out on a date can go to the Internet and view your record.

Even if you are never convicted of a domestic violence charge, the record of your arrest and a dismissed charge can cause problems for years to come.

You cannot seal records of a domestic violence conviction. But if your case was dropped or if you were found not guilty, sealing of your records is an option.

At Anaya, Foley & McKedy, P.C., in Colorado Springs, our criminal defense attorneys can help you seal records of your arrest and the disposition of your case. We can file a petition for a court order to seal the records.

Only Accessible by Law Enforcement

Sealing records is not the same as expungement, or elimination, of criminal records. Your record will still be there, but it will only be accessible by law enforcement.

Many people mistakenly believe that if they were not convicted of a crime, their criminal records will be cleared automatically. It doesn't work that way. You need to take legal action to ensure that your records are sealed.

Don't Wait for Trouble: Take Action Today

Don't wait for your criminal record to cause you problems. Contact us as soon as your case is dismissed. Our lawyers can quickly take action to seal your record and minimize any potential negative consequences from your arrest.

For a free consultation about record sealing, please call us today at 719-387-9954.