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Legal Help for Military Personnel Charged With Domestic Violence

A conviction on domestic violence charges can have extremely negative consequences for everyone. But if you are in the military, it could end your career.

Our criminal defense attorneys regularly represent members of the military who are facing domestic violence charges. We have successfully represented military personnel stationed at Peterson Air Force Base, Fort Carson, the Air Force Academy and Schriever Air Force Base as well as those at home on leave in the Colorado Springs area.

The Collateral Damage: Your Career, Your Future
Our criminal defense lawyers understand the collateral damage of a domestic violence arrest. For example, if convicted, you may not own, possess or carry a firearm of any kind.

Because carrying a weapon is a requirement of most military jobs, those convicted of domestic violence charges may be restricted to barracks or assigned to less attractive positions. You may lose your security clearance. You may even be chaptered out of the military entirely.

Don’t take that risk. If ever there was a time to fight, it is now. In a legal battle, the skill of your attorney can make all the difference. Will your lawyer be up to the job?

Don’t Bring a Knife to a Gun Fight
If you choose the attorneys us, you can rest assured that you have an experienced and aggressive legal team on your side who have a long history of success helping members of the military overcome domestic violence charges. We are all former prosecutors who are now fighting for the rights of the accused.