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Domestic Violence Is Often Misunderstood

Many people erroneously believe that domestic violence only means physically harming one’s spouse or significant other through the use of force or violence. Domestic violence is much more far-reaching than assault or physical abuse.

Domestic violence is an act of violence or the threat of violence against your spouse or anyone else with whom you have had an intimate relationship.

If you yelled at your former girlfriend at a party and she was afraid that you might harm her, you could be charged with domestic violence — even if you never laid a finger on her.

A Label That Enhances the Consequences of Any Crime
Domestic violence is a label that is added to an underlying charge whenever people who are or have been in an intimate relationship are involved. For example, keying someone’s car is a simple property crime. If convicted, you’d probably get a fine and probation.

Keying your ex-wife’s car is a property crime and domestic violence. Consequences of conviction usually include at least one night in jail and completion of at least 36 one-hour sessions of domestic violence education and treatment. In addition, with a domestic violence conviction on your record, you will not be able to own or carry a firearm, and you may have difficulty obtaining employment or a place to live.

Our criminal defense attorneys have successfully represented clients charged with domestic violence including all types of criminal offenses, from stalking and harassment to sexual assault. We have also represented clients who were charged with child abuse because they had an argument with their spouse in front of the kids.

False Allegations of Domestic Violence
True family violence that involves physical or emotional abuse is a real concern for society. But domestic violence allegations are not always what they claim to be. False allegations are commonplace.

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