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Colorado Springs Drug Crime defense lawyers

Arrested For a Drug Crime?

In case you are dealing with a misdemeanor or felony charge for a drug crime in Colorado, it is essential to keep in mind that you are still legally entitled to be presumed innocent until you have been proven guilty. However, the outcomes of a drug crime conviction can be very severe and significantly affect your future, regardless of what controlled substance is used. You may face heavy fines, obligatory drug rehabilitation, or even a prison sentence. That is why it is essential to take action as quickly as possible to make certain you acquire a robust defense. it is possible to have the charges in opposition to you decreased or dropped altogether.

At our law firm, our Colorado Springs criminal defense attorneys have over decades of experience dealing with a extensive variety of drug crime cases, which include drug possession, distribution, or ownership with purpose to sell. Do not wait to talk with a defense attorney to learn more about your alternatives and rights. Call us today for a no-cost case evaluation.

What is a controlled Substance?

A controlled substance is a drug or chemical this is ruled by using regulation for its excessive propensity for addiction or abuse, and it is consequently illegal to own, manufacture, or distribute the substance without a prescription. Common controlled materials involved in drug-associated crimes encompass cocaine, LSD, methamphetamine, and even prescription medicines.

As per the controlled substances Act (CSA), controlled substances are divided into five categories or schedules, relying on whether or not the substance has a common medical use and capacity for abuse and addiction. Schedule 1 substances, as an instance, do not have any common medical use and a high capacity for abuse, along with LSD, heroin, or ecstasy.

What are the kinds of Drug Crimes in Colorado?

  • Within the state of Colorado, drug charges vary relying on the kind of controlled substance involved, in addition to how and where it was used. As an instance, in case you are arrested for ownership of a small quantity of marijuana for personal use without a prescription, the charges towards you may be much less severe than in case you are arrested for producing and selling cocaine.

    Drug-related crimes encompass:

    Drug ownership
    intent to distribute
    Drug distribution
    possession of drug paraphernalia
    Drug trafficking

Whether or not the drug charges against you are quite minor or severe, the results can cause irreparable harm for your future. Contact a committed Colorado Springs attorney who will fight in your behalf and work to have the charges towards you decreased or dropped.

What are the potential consequences for a Drug Crime?

Depending at the situations, the penalties for a drug crime can range from a big fine to a jail sentence. While it could appear easier to pay a fine for a lesser sentence, a criminal report can interfere together with your future employment, education possibilities, or access to federal financial aid. In case you acquire a jail sentence, even a temporary loss of freedom can reason sizable loss of ability to discover employment and spend time with family.

With the assist of a skilled criminal defense attorney, it is possible for you to guard your report in opposition to long-term effects and avoid time in prison. When you have been arrested for a drug crime, you are not without alternatives.

Fight Drug charges in Colorado Springs

Our Colorado Springs drug crime attorney and the experienced felony team at our firm can offer you a strong legal representation for your drug case. in case you or a person you care about has been arrested for a drug crime, contact us for a free of charge and private session. The data and insight we can offer will help you make the great selection to reach the most fantastic outcome possible on your case. Call (719) 419-8476 to talk with a knowledgeable defense lawyer in Colorado Springs.