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Colorado Springs Sex Crime Lawyer

Defending Crimes of a Sexual Nature

Sex crimes are a number of the most aggressively prosecuted and punished crimes in Colorado, mainly those that involve kids. Being accused of a sex crime is very critical and should not be taken lightly. Even a criminal offense based on false accusations can result in a conviction if the accused does not take instant action.

When you have been accused of a sexual crime, which include pornography crimes, you could face fines, a jail sentence, and sexual offender registration, not to say a ruined popularity and different private and professional outcomes.

Be Proactive in defensive Your Rights

If you have already been arrested for a sex crime, your thoughts are possibly reeling with the consequences of the charges. You could experience intimidated, particularly after being interviewed or even interrogated by police concerning the incident, overwhelmed, and confused. It is not unusual for sex crime accusations to be fabricated and in case you are in such a situation, your future relies upon on what you do right now. Stay calm, maintain a level head, and get in touch with an experienced criminal defense legal professional in Colorado Springs so that proof can be collected for your defense as fast as possible. To fight the charges against you, you want help and a defense lawyer can listen for your situation and weigh each argument.

Understanding the charges that you face

Sex crimes do not most effective include the apparent offenses including sexual assault, rape, and child pornography. There are a huge type of acts that can be considered a sexual crime and therefore punishable in criminal court. An accusation is occasionally all it takes to bring charges and understanding the ones, charges are essential if you are going to fight them. An experienced Colorado Springs sex crime lawyer, can give you an explanation for your rights as they relate to various charges consisting of but not limited to:

Sexual assault
Sexual assault on a child
Sexual attack on a minor through one in a position of trust;
illegal sexual contact;
internet sexual exploitation of a child
Date rape
child pornography
internet pornography
Juvenile sex crimes
Lewd conduct
Indecent exposure

Accused of a criminal sex Crime in Colorado Springs?

The very phrase “sex crime” calls up complicated emotions in juries, judges, prosecutors, lawyers, and people who are accused of criminal sex crimes. Given the severity of the punishment, it is no wonder – criminal sex crimes do not just land you in jail, they could damage your image and require you to register on a sex offender database that follows you for life. Study on for extra information on what to do if you are accused of a criminal sex crime.

Felony sex crimes usually bring far heavier potential sentences than misdemeanors. Generally, sex crimes that consist of an element of threats, intimidation, or pressure are felonies. Indecent exposure and some pornography charges are typically the simplest sex crimes excluded from felony status. As felonies, sex crimes have long sentences and may incur the convicted individual heavy fines; further, convicted sex criminals must register as sex offenders, may need to serve probation for life, and can face obligatory life sentences in jail depending on the severity of the crime. In addition, that has not to mention the irreparable harm a criminal sex crime accusation or conviction can do to your reputation, your community, and your profession.

Protecting you against illegal Prosecution in Colorado Springs

Being accused of sexual assault or any other sex crime can be stressful, however taking instant action is important to protect your legal rights. Our aggressive Colorado Springs sex crime lawyers are former prosecutors and skilled in developing robust defenses on behalf of our clients. We will conduct thorough research of your case and present strong evidence on your favor. To talk to a legal professional about your specific situations, which include indeterminate sentencing, call us today for a free session.